Karaportti 5, redevelopment and fit-out of an office building

Antilooppi Management Oy


5 000 m2

Reconfiguration and fit-out of office spaces, architectural design, interior design

Top 3

  • Significantly improving quality and user experience
  • Spatial reorganization to suit multiple users
  • Improving the leasability of the building

Working group

  • Amerikka: Jussi Salmivuori, Olli-Pekka Vaija, Fred Ash, Taija Maunu, Topi Männynsalo, Teemu Nojonen ja Mervi Karvinen
  • Antilooppi Management Oy

MODIFYING OFFICE building TO MEET NEW requirements:

The overall refurbishment of the former Nokia Research Center transformed the property into a multi-user facility. The project included a renovation of the lobby area, the entrance courtyard, and the associated canopies and lighting. The office floor layouts were modified to enable multiple users. One of the floors was converted into small office units. In addition, the shared café and social facilities were designed to significantly improve the working conditions

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