Jätkäsaari service blocks

YIT, NAL Asunnot, Asuntosäätö, Saraco ja A-Kruunu


45 000m²

The commercial concept and the coordination of the content for a winning competition proposal led by YIT.

Top 3

  • Winning the design competition, exemplary joint planning process on a tight schedule
  • Versatile housing and commercial services in the heart of Helsinki
  • A communal village house with a combination of commercial services and community services

Working group

  • Amerikka: Jere Gröhn, Teemu Nojonen ja Tomi Jokinen
  • YIT, NAL Asunnot, Asuntosäätö, Saraco, A-Kruunu, Aihio arkkitehdit ja Marker


A consortium led by YIT proposed by the City of Helsinki to develop the Jätkäsaari service blocks. The concept plan, “Jätkän Messi” includes innovative concept combining shared communial spaces with commercial services such as a restaurant. The concept aims to improve quality and ease of everyday life for city-dwellers of different ages. Amerikka was responsible for the commercial concept of the consortium’s proposa


The block will include a hotel, kindergarten, grocery store, and restaurants, as well as interest-subsidized rental housing (A-Kruunu), youth housing (NAL Asunnot), housing cooperatives (Asuntosäätiö), group-built and price-controlled Hitas-housing (Saraco) and non-subsidized housing (YIT). In addition, the most advanced urban mobility service center in Finland is planned for the Jätkäsaari service block. The service centre offers a wide range of support and services for urban transportation raging from communial car rentals to facilities for bicycle maintenance.

“A community house at the heart of the development complements the residents’ free time and connects people of different ages. In addition to a wide range of housing and commercial services, the Arkki School of Architecture offers children and young people, afternoon and evening activities. An interesting innovation, a new kind of professionally managed urban farming space, will also be located in theblock, ”says Mikko Pätynen, Purchasing Manager at YIT.


The preliminary zoning plan for the area will be submitted to city planning in the spring of 2019, and will be processed early 2020. The construction of the area begins in the autumn of 2020 depending on planning approval.

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