Helsinki High-rise / Trigoni



120 000m²

Service concept for the area and coordination of the winning second stage competition proposal

Top 3

  • Winning the competition
  • Competition proposal with customer experience and services in a key role
  • Great team spirit and collaboration between consortium members

Project team

  • Amerikka: Jere Gröhn, Teemu Nojonen and Tomi Jokinen
  • YIT, Arkkitehtitoimisto Lahdelma & Mahlamäki, Marker, Näkymä, Sitowise, Ramboll, Caverion, KONE Suomi, Akukon, Peri Suomi, Brick Visual Solutions, L2 Paloturvallisuus and Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin


The Helsinki High-rise competition, organized by Finnish Government organization Senate Properties and the City of Helsinki, sought a high-quality design to form the basis of the city plan for the Pasila Tower Area and a contractor to complete the first phase of construction.

The winning proposal, “Trigoni”, submitted by YIT in collaboration with Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects, had excellent basis for the versatile and dense urban development for the area. Amerikka was responsible for the proposal’s service concept together with YIT as well as for the coordination of the second stage competition proposal.


The quality of Trigoni’s urban space comes from the diversity of its built environment. A range of building types, park landscapes and mixed-use developments create a vibrant and welcoming urban area. A single storey podium with retail units creates a high street feel for the street level. The design solutions create weather sheltered passages for people to enjoy the urban streetscapes.

Trigoni’s group of nine tower buildings form a cohesive sculptural entity enhancing the cityscape of Helsinki. The facades of the triangular towers, are based on square and stripe-based grids that form a continuous surface.

Trigoni is located at the focal point of several intersecting modes of transport – with comprehensive cycling and pedestrian routes connected to Finland’s busiest public transport hub. The towers provide an indoor route to the Mall of Tripla and its public transportation terminal.

Trigoni’s mixed-use urban concept, together with the most diverse transportation hub in Finland create a vibrant central area. The shopping, work, hotel, housing and transportation services have been complement Tripla’s services and strengthen the attractiveness of Central Pasila. This ensures that the city center is vibrant around the clock and all year-round. Comprehensive user-focused concept forms the principles of sustainable development also in future changes. Trigoni’s goal is to create a genuine DMA (Density, Mix, and Access) block in Pasila.


On the basis of the Trigoni proposal, YIT and the City of Helsinki will draw up a zoning plan for the entire western area of the Trigoni site. Next step is for YIT to carry out the remainder development of the western area (the so-called southern part) after finishing the construction in the first area. Construction at the first area may commence once the zoning plans have been approved, estimated between 2020 and 2021.

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