Hansakortteli, Turku

Kauppakeskus Hansa Ky

2016 – 2019


Concept development as well as project and implementation planning jointly with Schauman Architects Ltd.

Top 3

  • Extensive shopping center renovation
  • Improved shopping center customer experience
  • Excellent co-design process involving the customer, architects and facility designer

Project team

  • Kauppakeskus Hansa Ky
  • Schauman Architects Ltd
  • Amerikka Design Office

Project overview

Amerikka Design Office is working with Schauman Architects Ltd to execute a major overhaul of Turku’s Hansakortteli shopping center. The location’s overall appearance will be modernized and better harmonized with the interior. Hansatori, the open central atrium, will undergo a remarkable transformation. The project began with a developer competition in autumn 2016 and will culminate in spring 2019. It will include all phases from concept design to implementation planning. However, the project will be executed incrementally since consumers will continue to use the location.

Uusi Hansa, Hansatorin havainnekuva

A major transformation

The Hansakortteli upgrade will be visible to consumers as a better customer experience but it will also include functional improvements. A significant change will involve new connections and enhanced customer flow: new access routes have been created and some operations have been relocated to ensure better ease of movement. New corridors will improve visibility into shopfronts and more emphasis has been placed on signage and digital advertising.

The visual revamp will improve Hansakortteli as a place to do business. New shopfronts, flooring and lighting will enhance the overall appearance. Stairways, handrails and acoustics have also been upgraded. The renovation will introduce new “wow” elements – group seating and other fittings, as well as refurbished washroom facilities. Heating, water and drainage systems as well as cooling, ventilation, electrical, fire alarm, emergency exit, and smoke extraction systems will all be upgraded.