Remedy Entertainment Headquarters, Espoo

Remedy Entertainment Plc


4900 GFA

Main design, architectural design, interior design

Top 3

  • Transforming a regular office space into a workspace for creative work
  • Understanding client´s processes and implementing those into the building
  • Co-working with the client throughout the whole design process

Project team

  • Jussi Salmivuori, Arno Puukko, Sami Maukonen, Emma Penttinen, Matias Hietanen, Tomi Jokinen

Remedy Entertainment Headquarters

Remedy Entertainment was looking for a new bigger headquarters for their expanding business in game industry. Amerikka had designed companys previous headquarters and we had developed a good design process with the client and their own inhouse development team.

Old office facilities transformed to modern innovative and creative knowledge work

One of the major things was to understand their work processes and rearrange the spaces of this 20 year old standard office facilities to suit the modern innovative and creative knowledge work. Internal traffic flow of people and natural meetings of the employees was one key feature. Making the spaces comfortable and welcoming for the employees was especially important when major share of the staff are from abroad and the don’t have necessarily any other connection to Finland than their own work community

New premises, public and private sectors

The new premises included workplaces for 200-300 employees for expanding business, reception hall, inhouse restaurant, gym, sauna department, motion capture and audio studios. Headquarters is divided in to public and private sectors to control external visitors.

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