Property development and spatial design post-Covid: now what?

History provides us with endless examples of cities burnt to the ground and bombed to smithereens, their populations wiped out by communicable disease. And yet without fail, they have always re-built themselves. Cities continue to enjoy an unshakeable status as business hubs, as hives of economic activity. Since times immemorial, they have featured squares and other public places. We are social animals, us humans, and our need to gather, our desire to spend time together, has never diminished.

When it comes to debates around urban development, the discussion may have taken on slightly different emphases but, despite the pandemic currently sweeping across the globe, the topic remains as resonant and relevant as ever. In fact, in this new reality we find ourselves surrounded by, some of the key urban issues, like thriving urban centres, the sustainable transport revolution, services and cultural provision, business support and climate change, are more relevant than ever. As we now begin to move forward, committed to a vision of a bright, human-centric future, I am confident that welcoming, beautiful, high-quality environments and first-rate customer experiences will remain a key pull factor.

At the moment, it would be impossible to even attempt to assess the impact the Covid-19 pandemic will have had on all of us. But life goes on, and so does our work. At Amerikka, we are proud of our lengthy track record of managing complex projects using our fantastic in-house process, which brings together disparate and fragmented pieces of information to generate a range of alternative scenarios and then uses the best available knowledge to evaluate them. We have the utmost confidence in our process and a firm belief in a bright future for our cities, and we will continue to work with our clients to create unique, appealing and effective retail environments designed to deliver better customer experiences and drive improved business performance.

Before I finish, I’d like to share with you this little gem of social media wisdom:

Happiness is the new rich.
Kindness is the new cool.
Health is the new wealth.
Inner peace is the new success.

Love and Peace ❤

Maria – miss Amerikka

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