Technopolis in Finland, Luxembourg, Tallinn and Vilnius

Technopolis Oy

2018 onwards

Technopolis in Finland, Luxembourg, Tallinn and Vilnius

Office design concepts, bespoke commercial services for commercial tenants, brand visibility in visitor areas and restaurant and cafe concepts aimed at general public

Top 3

  • Improving the user experience
  • Positive impact on Technopolis image
  • Textbook example of client and designer working seamlessly together

Project team

  • Technopolis Oy
  • Design Office Amerikka Oy: Arno Puukko, Laura Lampo, Julia Teeriaho, Mervi Karvinen and Teemu Nojonen

Collaboration brief:

Technopolis were looking for a partner with a thorough understanding of both office and related commercial space design as well as a background in property development.

Workspace design – a complex process

At the Technopolis sites, we have been responsible for developing the ground floor amenities, including lobby, meeting rooms and restaurants, to ensure that they better meet the needs of the building’s regular users as well as visitors. We were additionally tasked with delivering excellent employee experiences and positive employer branding and creating a strong brand identity and customer experience for Technopolis.

The design process:

We first started working with Technopolis in 2018. The Finnish sites we have completed to date are Aviapolis Vantaa, Oulu Smarthouse and Technopolis Ydinkeskusta, with Asemakeskus in Tampere completed in autumn 2019.

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