Turning expense to investment

Once we have established who a property or a local area is for and what its purpose is, we can set about creating the ideal spatial solution, aesthetic concept and service mix for it. This way, you can be confident that the money you are spending is an investment, not a cost. At Amerikka, we don’t rely on intuition to identify a target audience or design approach for your asset. Instead, we bring together data from a variety of sources to make sure we have a detailed understanding and clear insight into what we’re dealing with.

What to highlight an what to add?

This has been our approach for many years and we’re continually improving it as we go along. We make use of GIS technology and are constantly tracking and evaluating the latest market developments. Our analysis also incorporates all data and other information provided to us by the client, covering a wide mix of topics including current service mix, development plans, tenant satisfaction survey outcomes and letting models. We draw on all of these resources to develop a clear understanding of the task at hand and to formulate a set of proposals for you. These will cover key issues like the standout features of your property or site, how they can be enhanced further and what additional features you may wish to introduce.

Analysis as a tool to back up the investment decision

At Amerikka, we carry out this baseline analysis to ensure that the ensuing design process and the solutions that emerge from it are fit for purpose, but it has other benefits too. The resources lend themselves to many other uses too. Accessibility analyses, for example, are an excellent addition to letting and marketing materials. Furthermore, the reliable, high-quality information we supply can also be used to support your own in-house processes, including investment decisions.

Our key areas of focus are:

  • Evolving urban environments
  • Urban vitality and amenities
  • Accessibility and travel
  • Aesthetics and atmosphere

Trigoni high rise

Jätkäsaari service blocks

Campus Maria

How to create a sustainable concept and prosperous business:

See what our sustainability team has to say on the subject:

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We look forward to discussing our analytics tools and working methods in greater detail, and we’d be delighted to share some of our past projects with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thinking about a development project? Get in touch! Contact Maria Kelter, Account Executive, or +358 40 595 8580.

Tuuli Korjus kehitysjohtaja

The article is written by Tuuli Korjus, Amerikka´s Development Director, MTech. (Real Estate Economics), M.SC. (Arch)

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