Property concepts and architectural services

Mall and business premises design

Amerikka is a partner in the development of lively urban environments for property owners and operators. We design with a creative passion and an analytical mindset, always aiming for excellent end results with both commercial and customer experience indicators. We have years of experience in successful property development projects for malls and business premises environments.

We create unique and attractive solutions based on the property’s starting point as well as the needs of our customers. We gather the best possible project group from our multi-disciplinary team, and if necessary, from our excellent network of experts.


What makes a big impression for your target audience?


What should the brand of your property look like to make it stand out and survive in tough markets?


Which actions have the best commercial impact on your property and which stand the test of time in an ever-changing market?


Which facilities are appropriate for the location of your property and what are the requirements for those facilities?


Design projects can seem scary and daunting. There are many options – what’s the best one for your business?


How should the process be completed in a controlled and cost-efficient manner so that objectives are achieved?

Completing a project requires expertise, vision, and experience of holistic, large scale projects. We will help you to find and execute a successful solution, and will support you in leading the change!

Other services

Amerikka also offers services for urban environment development and conceptualization in addition to space concepts and design.

Urban environment development  Interior design