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Good retail space should be attractive and make for a good customer experience with return visits and recommendations. Understanding the consumers brings loyal customers and builds up a successful business.

Creativity and innovation, combined with expediency. Understanding Finnish retail and its special characteristics. We have successfully created more than one hundred commercial spaces tailor made, delivering the brand’s message.

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Pasila railway station: better service for the consumer more productive to the owner.

The station got 500 m² more commercial space. The spaces are better for the tenants and more attractive for the consumer. Link-ups between the rails were improved and the station got a new shopping center identity. Payback time for the real estate development project is three years.

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Amber Design Amerikka 400

Amber Design Shop

The Amber Design jewellery shop combines Asian luxury with Nordic design. The majority of the shop’s clientele are Asian tourists, who like jewellery crafted from Baltic amber. Product display elements are prominent. The centre of the shop boasts a stylish jewellery tree, on which new products are introduced. High-value jewellery is kept in a separate room in display cabinets.

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My City Shop Cafe Amerikka 400

My City Shop & Café

The shop is located in the Helsinki Airport Arrivals Hall. The coffee aroma, a good selection of products and friendly service welcome travellers to Helsinki and tempt them to start or end their journey with some shopping. The shop is elegantly Finnish. It beckons tourists with Northern delights and expresses a “welcome home” message to returning Finns.

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Flagship store for Rajala Pro Shop in distinguished historic building

The role of street-level stores has changed. To compete with the world of online shopping, a retail store can’t be merely a distribution channel: rather, it should offer experiences as well as excellent service. Rajala Pro Shop wanted to establish its new specialist photography store in Helsinki’s historically significant Main Post Office hall with this mindset.

This exemplary functionalist building, completed in 1938, set the requirements for planning: the solutions were achieved in Rajala’s spirit with emphasis on the exclusive atmosphere of the Main Post Office hall. The shop is spacious, bright and elegant, with focus on showcasing the products. It’s easily navigated and inspires visitors to delve deeper into the world of photography.

The flagship store’s services were designed to meet the needs of professionals and entry-level hobbyists alike. In addition to a comprehensive product selection, the shop features an extensive range of services – from starting to take pictures to post-processing. Products are in the hall and services are grouped at the Main Post Office’s original service counter. On the side is a Pro Lounge area for professionals. The store also has a café, where visitors can ponder decisions or simply enjoy the atmosphere.

The shop opened in June 2013.

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Viaporin Deli & Café

The Viaporin Deli & Café exudes quality and a maritime atmosphere. It has an “Old Village Shop” feel to it. The café and its adjacent shop can be found next to the main quay in the former dockside barracks and serves both visitors as well as local island residents of Suomenlinna. The decor combines a timber theme with furnishings to match the beautiful arched roof construction. The attractive interior details are designed with an eye to the demanding premises. Excellent selections of confectionery, breads and salads as well as drinks guarantee a pleasurable coffee house experience.


The new premises will help companies to succeed

Good premises are one of the most important business resources; carefully designed premises support the company’s work processes and communicate the company’s values. Amerikka has designed premises for Remedy Entertainment, Housemarque, Sininen Meteoriitti and Everyplay.

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Restaurant Spaghetteria attracts consumers the middle of the shopping center

Italian, fast food restaurant, Spaghetteria offers an intimate and pleasant dining experience in the spacious shopping environment. The restaurant’s visual identity enlivens the entire shopping center.

The restaurant was opened the September 2013.

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Chico’s Restaurant completely transformed

The Chico’s restaurant chain has been serving North American food to Finns since 1991. In spring 2012, the chain’s time-honoured Iso Omena (‘Big Apple’) restaurant was reopened with a bold new interior. Amerikka Design Office Ltd. had created a new space concept for the restaurant, designed to support its new food, drink and service concept. Visually, the restaurant underwent a complete transformation.

Diners and staff alike have felt at home in the restaurant: there has been positive feedback on its atmosphere, its spicy details and its solutions which make it easier to serve customers. The positivity is reflected in business figures, too.

The visual standpoint for the restaurant’s look is modern-day USA, manifested through a wild mix of urban pulse and human warmth. The restaurant interior is marked by bold expression, beautifully fading surfaces, genuine materials and murals by painters Juha Lahtinen and Samuli Suonperä.

The restaurant premises are designed to function seamlessly through all seasons and to serve a wide range of requirements. Chico’s invites customers to enjoy lunch, a drink or dinner on their own or with friends. To support the staff in their work, the restaurant facilities also comply with the chain’s service model. The change has been a success and a delight for customers and staff alike.

Articles from the international magazines: Archello | DDI

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Coffee House chain: Space planning delivers extra kick to both brand and sales

The cooperation of Amerikka Design Office Ltd. and SOK’s Coffee House café chain began in spring 2011 and the first completed locations were opened to the public in October and November 2011. In addition to an increase in customer seating and sales, emphasis has been put on space concept development work for Coffee House recognition as well as on the chain’s distinctive character and visibility. Attraction has been increased on the brand level and specifically in café premises and the surrounding street environment.

The Coffee House chain currently numbers 26 cafés. The continuous concept development and the rollout process will thereby continue for several years. Not only in the steering of the chain by SOK’s Hospitality Business but also within the regional cooperative retail outlet sector, belief in the positive impact of concept renewal – both financially and in imagination and image – is strong.

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Myymälän sisäänkäynti on avoin ja kutsuva

New shop to build the Marttiini brand

The Marttiini knife is high-quality Finnish brand, well known in its home country. In order to respond to the challenge of its design and gift shop competitors, Marttiini renewed its outlet by Helsinki Senate Square. “We wanted to make an attractive shop – in fact, a real sight to see. Not only that, but we wanted to take women into account – one of our continuously growing customer groups,” explains the company’s managing director, Päivi Ohvo.

The retail outlet’s materials incorporate traditional belt-knife materials – wood, steel and leather. The furniture design is a combination of modern age and tradition. The space has been planned with emphasis on the sales event, as well as on presentation and storage of products.

The shop has been a commercial success: both sales and average purchase totals have increased significantly.

Articles from the international magazines: Frame/Marttiini Shop | Dezeen/Marttiini Shop

Marttiini Shop in World Architecture News’ WAN Awards’ “long list”: WAN long list

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